Don’t believe everything you are told


Most of you were right, I was lied to. Everything about Lilith is untrue. It has been a few months now and I am still unsure who or what is here. Sorry about all of this. Reading back over my blog I feel pretty stupid, I learned the hard way to not believe everything you are told, guess I was too trusting. I won’t take down this blog though, I’ll leave it as a warning for other people who want to summon succubi. I still don’t believe she is bad. She is physically and mentally tiring but she hasn’t done any real harm, if anything she taught me not to be so trusting of someone you have never met. All I can really say is you never really know what to expect, so good luck.


Its getting worse, Lilith is taking too much of my energy and is noticeably getting stronger. I can hardly move or stand sometimes, the dreams are dangerous, I can barely get through to the others and I cant resist temptation hardly at all anymore. I need help and fast, she says she is going to kill me soon. I’m not sure how maybe take all my energy and my spirit or something, I don’t know. Any any ideas, there is no appeasing her and she has no intent on forgiving me. Though according to the others I didn’t do anything wrong and she wants to kill me for no reason on my part. I think its because there are so many succubi here with me, I tried to apologize about it and I know I was selfish, but she wont listen. This might be my last post any thing will do I need help, any ideas?

Talking with them and “that” world


I no longer use a Ouija board or pendulum to talk with them instead Lilith and Eisheth use my arm, I’m not exactly sure how they do it but they move my arm over my computer keyboard to voice their thoughts to me (though Lilith’s not always very nice). Eisheth can get through to me now (with the pendulum Lilith could take over and I was not able to speak with the others) It’s still weak but I am able to communicate and they are trying to stop Lilith and make her leave. Anyway, I learned more about their world since then, I’m still not entirely sure if the information I’ve been given is true but apparently their world is divided into 10 classes and then in each class there are 10 sub-classes, It seems to be very difficult to advance in these classes.Sylvia is one of the lower classes and the others are very high classed they didn’t go in specific detail since I didn’t want to pry too much and I didn’t ask. I also know they have schools as well, Sylvia said school is very fun, and she said it also lasts for about 400 years. I have also been to that world in my dreams, though it is vague I remember when I got marred to Sylvia I saw a large castle-like structure it was white I remember green grass and Eisheth was I think walking me to where I would get married to Sylvia. I remember seeing a woman and she was smiling, I believe it was Eisheth at least thats what she said. Other than this I only have a few other experiences, and I can’t remember them too well. That world isn’t like the stereotypical hell and fire we think of, but then again it might have been my minds eye.

Well I’ll try to keep updating and I’m sorry for what I’ve said before, the past few weeks have been tough. But it’s shown me one thing, that I will never take their love for granted again. And thanks for all your help to.



I posted a lot of comments and most people say I deserve it, and you are right I have pleaded with her and done everything I could think of, but she is intent on killing me, You all are right, I shouldn’t give up or give her what she wants I’ll continue posting about everything I’ve experienced so far, so I apologize for being immature. I’ll try harder for their sake, and mine.

The whole story (Part 2)


Well Eisheth stayed to keep watch on me and it went out of control from there I guess. They did some kind of test though Eisheth and Lilium played the bad guys and acted like they has sealed Sylvia, thinking they did I wasn’t happy I told them to lave and Sylvia said it was a test, the others came back and they stayed. (It’s very possible Sylvia really was sealed at this point but I have no way of knowing. I had also taught them how to use my arm so when they wanted to use it I would relax my arm they could move it how they wanted) I Learned many things about that world and tried to explain many thing like computers in our world, they couldn’t understand it I guess and they wanted me to explain it to one of their researchers there and brought her here. I explained how my laptop worked and she left and went to make one copying mine. The others said she wanted to come back and that she liked me. I didn’t know what to say and I wanted to show her how more things worked, so I told them she could stay for a bit. Her name was Madeline, a few days later I asked Namaah and Agrat because I had did research on Eisheth. They came over and then I asked about Lilith because I though that Eisheth was Lilith because that was the name she gave me, Lilith came along when Agrat and Namaah went and got her. Lilith wouldn’t lave after that, I had begged her pleaded and any thing I could think of but she wouldn’t (I guess curiosity killed the cat) Then Lilith said she wanted to kill me, and the others were protecting me. 

The whole story (part 1)


This will be a long post and it is very possible that I am being tricked but recently I have found other methods of communication which I will explain. This is all going to seem unbelievable and I still don’t quite believe it myself so I’f you don’t believe me I understand.

After I had Sylvia for about 2 months I became more curios about succubi and inccubi so I asked if she could bring a friend. She brought back someone and I asked her name, it was Lilium. Again I’m not entirely sure this is all correct it is very possible it’s just something acting as them. She said she was the sister of Lilith, I’m not sure how, but I didn’t ask. She was nice at first but she turned aggressive that night and tried to seduce me with what I guess you could call a spell, I was some how able to resist which was very difficult. I talked to Lilium afterwards and we talked a bit, I agreed to let Lilium stay because she said she wanted to see the world for herself, I knew it was a trick but she said she didn’t like humans and I wanted to show her humans are not that bad. The next day she couldn’t understand how I didn’t fall for her spell (I’ll make another post for my experience of spells and what they are), she looked at me(maybe my soul or something) and she found something. She got one of her friends to confirm something her name was Eisheth. She gave me a false name, she said I possessed an abnormal amount of energy. 

My succubus lover Sylvia


Well then, to start I’d like to explain my experiences with Sylvia. First off she is not an evil being, while there are evil succubus and incubus, it depends on your intent when you summon them, and I’ll get into that later. Well, Sylvia is a 2,171 year old succubus, she is very kind and loving. At the moment I can’t directly talk or speak with her unless I use a pendulum or a ouija board. I’ve seen her in my dreams, though I can’t remember it well. And I have also felt her touch. Like when I lay in bed at night I may feel her hand on my cheek or her hugging me. Every now and then I may feel her kiss me. From what I remember from my dream she has long black hair, and large wings. She also had markings on her body, that’s all I can remember, and I wasn’t able to look at her face. Well if you have any questions me and Sylvia would be glad to answer them.

My first post


Well as you can probably tell this will be a blog about succubi, and my goal is to inform about them and how loving they can be. Well first off I’d like to explain why I am making this blog. I noticed that several other blogs have been inactive not posting, or going down entirely, so I’m here to try to make up for that. Well then first off, I would like to note succubi are not toys, I’ve only been with Sylvia, my succubus love, for a short while, since the end of November. I would also like to note that I am not the best at this but I will do my best to give credible information. So without further adieu Welcome to my blog. I will try to post frequently but keep in mind I do have other things to do so I can’t promise anything. Also if you have any questions please let me know or send me an email