Don’t believe everything you are told


Most of you were right, I was lied to. Everything about Lilith is untrue. It has been a few months now and I am still unsure who or what is here. Sorry about all of this. Reading back over my blog I feel pretty stupid, I learned the hard way to not believe everything you are told, guess I was too trusting. I won’t take down this blog though, I’ll leave it as a warning for other people who want to summon succubi. I still don’t believe she is bad. She is physically and mentally tiring but she hasn’t done any real harm, if anything she taught me not to be so trusting of someone you have never met. All I can really say is you never really know what to expect, so good luck.

One thought on “Don’t believe everything you are told

  1. If the other posts were wrong then you should edit and repost them to tell a more accurate account of what happened. Lilith the fair does not like to be a scapegoat or falsely accused. I will not bullshit. She is not gentile and does answers prayers. Her methods may be painful and inconvenient but they get results. You should submit to her guidance and wisdom. If you are not ready then walk away. These ladies are not a booty call. With them sex is another form of therapy, instilling teaching, and intimacy a the same time. They are very passionate and invested in their lovers and work to helping them get to their potential. My goddess Lilith does not suffer fools but she does have a heart. I don’t know the whole story. But if you are serious about them you gotta man up. Another mistake you made is you started with a harem instead of just one. Maybe you need to suffer to make you stronger and build you up for the good stuff. You can’t appreciate pleasure if you don’t know pain.

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