Its getting worse, Lilith is taking too much of my energy and is noticeably getting stronger. I can hardly move or stand sometimes, the dreams are dangerous, I can barely get through to the others and I cant resist temptation hardly at all anymore. I need help and fast, she says she is going to kill me soon. I’m not sure how maybe take all my energy and my spirit or something, I don’t know. Any any ideas, there is no appeasing her and she has no intent on forgiving me. Though according to the others I didn’t do anything wrong and she wants to kill me for no reason on my part. I think its because there are so many succubi here with me, I tried to apologize about it and I know I was selfish, but she wont listen. This might be my last post any thing will do I need help, any ideas?

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  1. Dude, you’ve got to hold it together. You’re stronger than this. I know you are. I am confident that offing yourself will only make the situation worse.

    Whatever this spirit is or the designs she has over your life, you’ve got to establish your sovereignty.

    If you want to take this up a notch, bring out the big psychic guns. Get this book and read it:

    Here’s a sample with the quick-start guide:

    Click to access practicalpsychicselfdefense_pgs_vi-3.pdf

    Do the affirmations; this is especially important and it really does work. Take this seriously, and you can beat this.

    You’ve already got some good comments and advice on your previous posts. Read those again.

  2. Take their advice. You need to stand you ground and banish her. IF you have to as a LAST RESORT cut all ties to all of them. You may have a parasitic relationship which is leaving you worse off then you started. I am sorry but now you are dealing with a hostile spirit. You tried to reason, now you must fight back. DO NOT tell me that you cant, because the demons i faced in my past were NOT sexy females, they were scary, they were evil, that they didnt care what happened to me. If I can resist their power and fight back so can you.

  3. BTW “IF” you are thinking about ending your life or allowing “her” to finish you off. DO NOT DO IT!!!!!!!!!. You can be helped, but you need to fight.

    • kyuu1111

      I really doubt that allowing ‘her’ to finish you off would literally kill you; but either way I think he’s giving ‘her’ more attention than necessary and she’s taking advantage of that.

  4. kyuu1111

    I dunno how to assist you here :S but you’re powerful, or else you wouldn’t have attracted them. So use that power to defend yourself.

    Go outside, do some exercise to get your mind out of it.

    If she tries to ‘advance on you’ (if you know what I mean) just ignore her and try to sleep.

    Here is my lame-wannabe-wizard spell: The more sexual energy you accumulate the more likely she will have control over you (I cannot blame you). So before going to sleep, masturbate and when you orgasm direct all that energy in building a protective energy field around you.

    I really dunno how I’d deal with this situation so take my advice with a grain of salt ;I

    Keep us updated! We care about you dude!

  5. I really wasn’t going to comment but i am.I agree with ken757 that what you have is a hostile spirit.I still don’t think it’s Lillith but an entity masquerading as her.That fear your showing feeds it therefore making it stronger.Get rid of the fear and you get rid of it.

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