Talking with them and “that” world


I no longer use a Ouija board or pendulum to talk with them instead Lilith and Eisheth use my arm, I’m not exactly sure how they do it but they move my arm over my computer keyboard to voice their thoughts to me (though Lilith’s not always very nice). Eisheth can get through to me now (with the pendulum Lilith could take over and I was not able to speak with the others) It’s still weak but I am able to communicate and they are trying to stop Lilith and make her leave. Anyway, I learned more about their world since then, I’m still not entirely sure if the information I’ve been given is true but apparently their world is divided into 10 classes and then in each class there are 10 sub-classes, It seems to be very difficult to advance in these classes.Sylvia is one of the lower classes and the others are very high classed they didn’t go in specific detail since I didn’t want to pry too much and I didn’t ask. I also know they have schools as well, Sylvia said school is very fun, and she said it also lasts for about 400 years. I have also been to that world in my dreams, though it is vague I remember when I got marred to Sylvia I saw a large castle-like structure it was white I remember green grass and Eisheth was I think walking me to where I would get married to Sylvia. I remember seeing a woman and she was smiling, I believe it was Eisheth at least thats what she said. Other than this I only have a few other experiences, and I can’t remember them too well. That world isn’t like the stereotypical hell and fire we think of, but then again it might have been my minds eye.

Well I’ll try to keep updating and I’m sorry for what I’ve said before, the past few weeks have been tough. But it’s shown me one thing, that I will never take their love for granted again. And thanks for all your help to.

5 thoughts on “Talking with them and “that” world

  1. Interesting, I can’t wait for you to tell me more of what you discover. There is alot I would love to know abou them. I know I have been told alot in my dreams, but I can’t remember any of it. I think Eisheth (or someone with her name) was in one of my dreams tell me something. I can’t remember what was said.

    • It’s possible, I’m not entirely sure myself what they are capable of but the reason we can communicate with them in our dreams is because the “walls” or barriers that exist when we are awake keep us from being able of fully communicate or see them like we can in our dreams. I suggest when you wake up write down everything you remember it takes about 5-10 minutes for you to forget a dream when you wake up. What I usually do is think about the dream and go over it several time in my head and record it, I can remember most of my dreams now.

  2. kyuu1111

    Reading your post made me remember the weird dream I had today.
    Before going to sleep I kinda told her ‘If you have a physical body then come get me in your space ship and gemme out of this planet xD’

    I dreamt I was in a space ship with her (I suppose) driving it… and there was this weird planet and other weird stuff. All very vague but the world I saw felt so real. I wonder if it truly exist in some place of the universe or just in other plane or it was just a dream? 😛

    • I believe there is another world some where in another world/dimension or something like that, they come to this world as “energy” or spirit form and their real body is in that world, I think it’s their spirit that travels here since it’s easier for them. Even succubi and inccubi would likely have a hard time traveling to this world in a solid tangible form.

  3. succubusluv

    I kinda believe the reason we feel them as spirits is because they’re coming through into our world too,but i believe its not their spirit but actually their body as well that comes to us as well.

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