I posted a lot of comments and most people say I deserve it, and you are right I have pleaded with her and done everything I could think of, but she is intent on killing me, You all are right, I shouldn’t give up or give her what she wants I’ll continue posting about everything I’ve experienced so far, so I apologize for being immature. I’ll try harder for their sake, and mine.

4 thoughts on “Update

  1. succubusluv

    I never said anything about you deserving what is happening to you.I simply stated that i don’t believe it’s Lillith.Using pendulums and quija boards for communication can be very iffy.At best you’ll get a spirit who just wants human contact.It may be a spirit trying to trick you into thinking it’s Lillith and making you do what it wants.Are you really going to let this spirit win?Stand your ground and fight is what i say.

    • Thank you, I’m not sure what I can do, it may be a test or something else and I won’t know until they tell me, the reason I got so selfish is because I have had a rough life ever since I was little. I never had a girlfriend or some one that cared about me. When I met Sylvia, I was for the first time in my life happy. I wanted to meet others like her and it got out of hand, I’m not sure what I can do anymore, and I don’t think that they can for give me And I don’t feel like I deserve to be forgiven, so one again thank you I’ll figure it out some how.

      • I highly suggest you read all my posts from start to finish. I have grown up in pain and dealing with hostile spirits most of my life and I survived. If what you say is true, are your really going to give up and go out like a lil bitch or are you going to man up and fight back? I can help you if you want, and dont worry about me. Im a born surviver, and I used to be suicidial but in a different way.

  2. I read a post on accross infinity (one of my links) that talk alot about lilith. This is not her pattern, I believe you have a hostile spirit and she or it is not The Lilith. When dealing with them, take all of what you learned from sunday school and pop culture and forget it all, they got it all wrong.

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