The whole story (Part 2)


Well Eisheth stayed to keep watch on me and it went out of control from there I guess. They did some kind of test though Eisheth and Lilium played the bad guys and acted like they has sealed Sylvia, thinking they did I wasn’t happy I told them to lave and Sylvia said it was a test, the others came back and they stayed. (It’s very possible Sylvia really was sealed at this point but I have no way of knowing. I had also taught them how to use my arm so when they wanted to use it I would relax my arm they could move it how they wanted) I Learned many things about that world and tried to explain many thing like computers in our world, they couldn’t understand it I guess and they wanted me to explain it to one of their researchers there and brought her here. I explained how my laptop worked and she left and went to make one copying mine. The others said she wanted to come back and that she liked me. I didn’t know what to say and I wanted to show her how more things worked, so I told them she could stay for a bit. Her name was Madeline, a few days later I asked Namaah and Agrat because I had did research on Eisheth. They came over and then I asked about Lilith because I though that Eisheth was Lilith because that was the name she gave me, Lilith came along when Agrat and Namaah went and got her. Lilith wouldn’t lave after that, I had begged her pleaded and any thing I could think of but she wouldn’t (I guess curiosity killed the cat) Then Lilith said she wanted to kill me, and the others were protecting me. 

One thought on “The whole story (Part 2)

  1. I dont know much about the situation other than what you posted. Me personally I wouldnt summon anyone without Jazmine’s guidance. Even though she has a “blank check” to bring whoever she wants, provided they are not hostile or I perceive them as hostile. (my crazy dreams can explain that). I could be wrong but Im thinking one reason she wants you dead, could be out of jealousy. If your energy level is anything like mine, that could be a her reasoning behind it.

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