The whole story (part 1)


This will be a long post and it is very possible that I am being tricked but recently I have found other methods of communication which I will explain. This is all going to seem unbelievable and I still don’t quite believe it myself so I’f you don’t believe me I understand.

After I had Sylvia for about 2 months I became more curios about succubi and inccubi so I asked if she could bring a friend. She brought back someone and I asked her name, it was Lilium. Again I’m not entirely sure this is all correct it is very possible it’s just something acting as them. She said she was the sister of Lilith, I’m not sure how, but I didn’t ask. She was nice at first but she turned aggressive that night and tried to seduce me with what I guess you could call a spell, I was some how able to resist which was very difficult. I talked to Lilium afterwards and we talked a bit, I agreed to let Lilium stay because she said she wanted to see the world for herself, I knew it was a trick but she said she didn’t like humans and I wanted to show her humans are not that bad. The next day she couldn’t understand how I didn’t fall for her spell (I’ll make another post for my experience of spells and what they are), she looked at me(maybe my soul or something) and she found something. She got one of her friends to confirm something her name was Eisheth. She gave me a false name, she said I possessed an abnormal amount of energy. 

One thought on “The whole story (part 1)

  1. From what I have done and can do to what friends, family, psychics/clarvoiants, and others had said about me I have alot of energy too. It seems we have alot in common. You can check out my blog if you want.

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