My succubus lover Sylvia


Well then, to start I’d like to explain my experiences with Sylvia. First off she is not an evil being, while there are evil succubus and incubus, it depends on your intent when you summon them, and I’ll get into that later. Well, Sylvia is a 2,171 year old succubus, she is very kind and loving. At the moment I can’t directly talk or speak with her unless I use a pendulum or a ouija board. I’ve seen her in my dreams, though I can’t remember it well. And I have also felt her touch. Like when I lay in bed at night I may feel her hand on my cheek or her hugging me. Every now and then I may feel her kiss me. From what I remember from my dream she has long black hair, and large wings. She also had markings on her body, that’s all I can remember, and I wasn’t able to look at her face. Well if you have any questions me and Sylvia would be glad to answer them.

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